The Power of Your Purchases – Shopping Locally

November 2010

How do your daily purchases impact the environment, economy, and others? In this video, we travel to a garment factory in Sri Lanka to see how consumer choices have a global impact. As you’ll see, every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the type of world you want to live in…
For example, if you want to support sustainable food systems, buy organic produce from local farms.
If you want to support vibrant local economies, buy from locally owned businesses rather than big box stores.
If you value fair labor practices, buy from companies that have a reputation for treating their workers well. If you don’t know, ask the retailer.
Your daily spending habits are watched closely by businesses and if we all buy good, sustainable products and services, that will become the new norm.

Take Action

Take Action Now


Share this video.

The more people who know about this issue, the more effective we can be.


Buy locally.

Support your local economy.


Stop buying stuff you don’t need.

Watch the “Story of Stuff” to find out why it’s so important to cut back on consumption.

Host A Show

Want to host a screening? Great! Here are 5 steps to get started:


Setup a computer and stream it online with friends in the room.

If you can’t make this happen we would be happy to mail a DVD, it just might take some time because there’s a good change we’ll be out shooting on location for a new film.


Choose your space.

You can show the film in your backyard, living room, school, university, church, library…wherever…just make sure there’s a power supply!


Set up the technology.

The space you choose will determine the technology you need. The basic components are: power supply, computer with hi-res digital copy of movie, speakers, digital projector or TV, appropriate cables, and screen. If your space doesn’t have all the necessary components, you can rent equipment on the cheap.

The basics: connect the video signal from your computer to the projector/TV; connect the audio signal from your computer to the speakers/TV. If you’re renting a projector, the company can tell you the details of how it works. Easy peasy!


Host the event, discuss, and take pictures!

This is the fun part. Enjoy and don’t forget to take pictures of the screening!


Send us your pictures!

Let us know how your screening went… email pictures to kyle@surfingforchange.com and tag us in social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.
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Take Action Now

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